Saturday, May 29, 2010

So - what's this about?

This blog is for occasional posts about my work as a Bishop of the United Episcopal Church of North America, and for thoughts about the office and work of an Anglican Bishop. I guess you could call me a "mere Anglican" so you won't find much here about how to be more Roman than the Pope, but you will find something about how this bishop goes about his duties, and some "wry and affectionate commentary" about the Episcopal Office within the Anglican tradition.

The name "Apron and Gaiters" comes from the old distinguishing dress of the Anglican hierarchy. Up until the 1970s, bishops, archdeacons and (cathedral) deans wore a knee-length cassock called an "apron" under a frock coat, and gaiters. This adaption of clerical dress came about because in former times they had spent a lot of time on horseback touring their dioceses and archdeaconries. The full get-upwas never popular in the USA, but it was regarded as almost indespensible elsewhere, so much so that "gaiters" were at one time the identifying mark of the Church Hierarch.